Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Keeping party food cold

I needed to keep one tray cold--the vegetables, dip, and tomato sandwiches. Here's an easy way to chill things without melting ice:

Place a clear Ziploc bac full of ice between two trays. This yard sale relish dish fits almost exactly in my square copper tray. The clear plastic bag doesn't show, but it keeps the ice from leaking out.

You can also use a bowl within a bowl, or a plate atop a shallow bowl of ice.


Missy K said...

Meredith-- I am a usual lurker, everyday reader at Like Merchant Ships, and I am always impressed with your ingenuity and wonderful frugal ideas, but what really makes you stand out is the cheerful, generous and gracious spirit with which you pursue thrift.

One of the things you have avoided from what I have read of your blog is judgment-- you manage to highlight your frugal choices and priorities without implying that they should be everybody's. And of course, the irony is that you thus make your brand of thrift even more attractive.

Thanks for your blog-- it blesses many.

pomo housewife said...

what a great idea - our summers are so very hot, that food left out for snacking on gets unpalatable quite quickly. I'll be using this idea for sure!

I'll be reading your entertaining ideas with interest - its something that I really struggle with, being a hostess!



Anonymous said...


You and your blog are awesome! Thank you for being such and encouragement!


Amy said...

Great job! This still looks very elegant and it is practical to boot!