Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Garnishing party trays

I like to make gifts of food as beautiful as I can on my budget. Somehow, it compensates for not being the deluxe Subway party tray. Here are two photos from today's lunch:

My big copper tray needs a liner beneath the sandwiches. My garden lettuce has bolted already. Instead of buying more leaf lettuce, I found a bundle of collard greens for 49-cents. Thicker than lettuce and just as beautiful, collard greens cover more area without wilting. Wash well.

A neighbor gave us surplus plum tomatoes. I sliced the middles to use on sandwiches, but I saved the ends to decorate the spinach dip. First, dab a little dip in the bowl to anchor the tomatoes. Then, mound the remaining mixture in the center.

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