Thursday, April 12, 2007

Displaying library books

One project down--I finally organized the rolltop into some functional order. Now it holds office supplies, unpaid bills, stationery and the like. We are tucking the library bag in its kneehole and standing new library books on its work surface. It adds a little more interest at Andrew's eye level. He can earn 1 point for every book he reads aloud to Elise.

(He also earns a point each time he completes chores on the list. 5 points earns 20 minutes of computer time, a video, or an be saved toward a new toy in the family general store. We stole this concept from my arch-nemesis, Chuck E. Cheese.)


jay n tricia said...

I love this idea. What a pretty way to encourage reading and add such a nice touch to your home all at once!

Anonymous said...

i have to say i love your blog.
it is the first blog i read for the day.
it is realy great to see how you "wave" your magical paintbrush and SHAZAM one beautiful peice of furniture.
also does this pic mean you found your camera?

Someone Beautiful said...

Oh this is lovely! I am inspired once more. :) I have been wanting to do the gutter shelves, but our rooms are so that we would crash into them. So I like this idea for rotating books at eyelevel somewhere else. I want to figure out a durable way to make clear book "pockets" to put books in flat against the wall too.