Friday, April 13, 2007

Tupperware games

Ann of Mommysecrets has a few fun preschool ideas using Tupperware. I have mine in the lowest cabinet, and the baby makes a beeline there whenever I'm cooking. Brings back fond memories of my grandmother's canning rings tied with a piece of string!


Amy said...

Oh, she looks so cute :) I love it! We have one cupboard without the safety lock and it is for the kids to play in. They love it and there is usually a drum beat going in our house, compliments of my son and a Rubbermaid container & wooden spoon :)

frugalmom said...

I totally have canning rings tied together in the baby toy stash--the oldies are the goodies! I enjoy your blog, thanks for making it an uplifting place to read!

Meredith said...

Amy of Mother Load sent me this pretty pink bow for Elise, so I had to show off its incredible cuteness here!

Alison said...

Oh yes I remember canning rings too but somehow didn't think to give my first son any, I'll have to remedy that with baby #2 this next year.

By the way, thanks for the regular peeks at beautiful frugality and practical living! I appreciate it even more when I browse other frugal blogs and find that somehow the topic has gone to national controversies and politics--not at all what I am expecting.

Roberta said...

So sweet!
Does this mean your camera has been recovered?

Pleasant View Family said...

Thanks for linking to mommysecrets! I've never seen canning lid rings, but they sound like great fun! I used to help my grandmother can fruits and veges as a little girl. It's definitely becoming a lost art!

ann :)