Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cheesecake Calculations

My husband's birthday is right around the corner, and my local supplier is no longer carrying Fran Gare's New York Cheesecake Mix (low carb).

Try as I might, I cannot make one as creamy/tangy/delicious as this mix.

The store charged a whopping $6.99 per can, which makes a 2.2 lb. cheesecake with the addition of cream cheese and eggs.

An internet store offers a 10 cans for $3.99 apiece, which totals $45 with shipping.

Then I called the supplier, Sweet Life in Miami. They offer a 50 lb bulk bag of mix, enough for 100 cheesecakes. This bag costs $171, shipped.

The cost of a cheesecake made from a bulk bag is 1/3 the cost of one made from
the 10-can special.

But 100 cheesecakes? I'll have to think about that.


Kim C. said...

Do you have a wide enough circle of real life contacts to sell off portions of the bag?
Maybe you could make a sample cheesecake, then package the rest in ziploc baggies and sell at a profit...with any luck you might have 40 or 50 cheesecakes for free.

Anonymous said...

have you ever tried George Stella's cheesecake recipe? I have not tried the FG mix so can't provide an opinoin.

kim c's suggestions sounds interesting!


Anonymous said...

My husband always wants cheesecake for his birthday. This year I made an Italian Ricotta cheesecake. It's excellent, the only cheesecake I've ever made that does not crack, and has no crust, so one assumes it's pretty low carb. Let me know if you want the recipe.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you can order just one can of it here:

But I don't know if that is the exact one you want. It is not terribly expensive- better than 171, anyway!

Meredith said...

Anon, thanks for looking that up for me : ) I was just so tickled to have found bulk buying even cheaper per cake, I was trying to decide just "how bulk" to buy!

Kim, a great suggestion, as always. Even though I force a can of this stuff upon everyone I know who becomes diabetic, I don't have that many people who would want some. It did occur to me that a relative who owns a coffee bar (and bakes the desserts at home) might be interested in combining an order with me. First I have to hook her on the taste and ease, though : )

Jordana, I'd love to get that recipe from you sometime. I know your standards are pretty high!

Meredith said...

Forgot to add--

I think this would be a great little home business if your state's food safety laws permit home baking. Many states which require catering kitchens have exceptions for baked goods. Unfortunately our state doesn't : (