Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Belated birthday cards

Posting has been light as my broken filling became a constant ache. My dentist worked me in after his vacation; even better, he did not charge me for the repair.

I forgot to mail a card for my mother-in-law's birthday. (To save on fragile shipping, I brought her gift when we visited, tucking it into a closet for August.) We made a birthday banner and emailed pictures of the kids instead. Not quite as good, but good enough--and free.


pomo housewife said...

I think your banner and photos sound great. I'm a bit over cards - overpriced and generally a waste of paper (gets tricky when someone who ought to be receiving your card feels differently however.)

Its all a big con. I nearly barfed when I saw a movie - what was it, something with Matthew McConaughy - where someone asked 'did you send a Hallmark?' instead of 'did you send a card.' ARGH talk about product placement.

What did people do for birthday messages 'before'?

I think this Christmas I might print photos out and include a handwritten note. Though I've probably still got a stash of cards from last year's sales....


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. I agree greeting cards can be ridiculously expensive. Currently I buy the large packages of assorted birthday cards to send to my family & friends. Usually less than 0.50 each (plus postage that is still nearly a dollar I know!) Some probably don't like receiving but I figure that having little ones (3 y.o. and 6 weeks old) is perfect excuse, and by the time the youngest is bigger that they'll just be used to my ways. :)

Anonymous said...

I recently 'needed' to buy some thank you cards. My husband was in the hospital recently for a week after suffering a stroke...many many people sent flowers, brought meals to me while I was at the hospital with him, a couple kept my grandsons for me, then there were my day care parents who were wonderful...so as you can see I did need to buy cards to send a personal note to everyone. I almost cried when I saw the price of these cards. Some would have been almost $4.00 each...much as I needed/wanted to send a personal card to each and everyone who has helped me I just could not bring myself to spend that kind of money. I went to Dollar Tree and got several nice cards at 2 for $1.00....when you add the price of postage I think it is still $1.00 for each card. Yes, the efforts my friends and family spent to help me is worth far more than the dollar, but to me the CARD is not worth the dollar...I did send the card. I will also help each and everyone of these people out when THEY need something.
I am sure that your mother in law would rather have the pictures of those beautiful children making a banner than all the cards in the world. I know I would.
Glad your got your tooth fixed. It was very kind of your dentist not to charge you either. Sounds like a wonderful kind person.
Hope you have a beautiful day.
Take care and God bless. Roxie

Staci said...

Just found your blog, and love it. I've added it to my blogroll!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you buy cards at thrift stores? I see them often: one thrift has a box of cards for .10 or .15 apiece. Last week, I got a package of about 10 blank cards for $0.75.

It's not as elegant as Hallmark, but I have no problem sending a birthday card with a handwritten 'happy birthday' inside.

-- Jora

Bobi Jensen said...

I love your daughter's hairbow. Did you make it? I've just gotten into making them, it is so fun. My girls always pull them out through the day though!

Anonymous said...

My in laws and my parents LOVE banners and drawings as a birthday gift. They are all in their 70s and are in need of nothing--except love. So we give it to them.
We also try to call my Mom on her birthday and sing happy birthday on her voicemail. She doesn't erase it until the next birthday, and she listens to it when she needs perking up. For my mother in law who has Alzheimer's disease, a drawing is appreciated for the moment.


Anonymous said...

Do hope you are feeling better! And I am sure that your mil loved the pictures.


It's a Mom Thing said...

Your kids are so pretty. Sweet Elise is getting so big!

I really like this idea. I'm so bad about birthday cards, etc. I just don't think about it in time. I could totally do this, though.

MommyLydia said...

I don't like spending $2-$5 on a card either. :(

My thank you cards cost over 50 cents each and I thought I was getting a bargain! EEK

Mimi said...

What a creative way to celebrate! I'm sure the banner was more precious than anything you could have bought. Your children are adorable.

Here's what I do to save money on cards. It's probably not a very new idea to your readers, but here goes: I have a drawer set aside just for cards. In the drawer, I have several manilla envelopes labeled with different categories of cards: birthday, congratulations, get well, wedding, blank cards, etc. Several times a year, I will scout Dollar Trees and other stores for a variety of cards to slip into my envelopes. That way, I always have cards in any category ready to go when I need them. If I especially enjoy a card, I will spend a little more. But, often, I will buy very inexpensive ones. I find it saves me money to buy ahead, rather than to run to the store at the last minute in a pinch to find something. Once in a while, I will get caught with my stock of a particular category having run out. Then, I remember why it's so much easier to think ahead.

I find it easier to pick up cards that women will like, so I'm always on the lookout for cards that are suitable for men. That way, we have something for men's birthdays, etc. Or, if DH needs to come up with a card for someone card in a hurry, I can sometimes supply him with one that doesn't look "too girly".

Of course, when my kids were small we made lots of homemade cards with inexpensive materials.