Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little bites


Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious. Thank you for the link! That was a tough post to write. It was weighing on me and I had nowhere to turn, so I hammered it out in 10 minutes to just get it off my chest and hit "publish."

I still cringe reading it.

Now I'm cringing seeing the flood of traffic from your site as they read all about my financial, shall we say, mistake. And my, what traffic you have, woman!

Thank you again for feeling my pain. The topic has resonated with more people than I expected. We should talk about these things.

It's a Mom Thing said...

I know someone who enjoyed a homemade pimento cheese sandwich this week. ;)

The Old Woman said...

LOL I guess I was part of that traffic.

I can't imagine running out of money without realising it. We live in an almost cashless society, paying everying on credit card and paying it off online when dh's salary gets paid into his account (all very hypothetic an no real cash involved - even for quick runs to the local shop we can use credit cards - the staff let me kids use them even, so no need for cash at all except for giving at church :-)

But I keep a very close eye on that hypothetical cash online. And we pay off the credit cards every month. . . .

I agree with what you say about "invisible spending" (latte factor) or spending we do without realising it - much easier to do with cards than cash.

Best way I know not to spend money is to stay home. You can't buy a latte at home - and in England people dont eat out in the same way; it just isn't part of our culture.

(not to mention of course that everything in this country is about twice the cost it is in yours, and salaries aren't anywhere near the same level; basically, we are poorer.

No less happy. But definitely poorer . .one vehicle; rare vacations; rare meals out; smaller gifts, smaller earning; and we believe in big giving.

Maybe that is why 14 of us are living happily on one salary)

Anonymous said...

Old Woman, you should get going on your blog - you sound fascinating! 14 people on one salary sounds very interesting. If you write, I'll read!!!
Mrs. L.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link!

Now I need to go check out The Old Woman!

Tubo Family said...

It's nice to read you again Meredith. And Velveteen Mind, I have been in your shoes! We ended up having a big garage sale and posting ads on Craigs list to get rid of unused items and free up cash.