Thursday, September 13, 2007

My 3 words

Between hostessing and household sickness, I'm a little under the weather. Bear with me, won't you?

Lindsay at Enjoy The Journey shares the ABC I-Caught video and wonders what our "three words" are. For the last two years, my constant 3 words have been...


Do you ever feel like you can't contribute much to the community when you're busy with young children? I certainly can't get out and do the volunteer work I used to. But encouragement is free, and you never know who can benefit from an extra word of support: your spouse, your neighbor, a store clerk.

I'd also like to thank all of you who so generously share your encouraging comments with me. It means a lot!

(PS--If you want to watch the montage, I suggest the original I-Caught video, as the photography and music are much sharper than the You-Tube version.)


sarah said...

What fabulous photos you have here! A beautiful weblog. :-)

DonnaB said...

I think we all feel that way sometimes...we just need to remember that this is a season for growing up the next generation. There will be a season when we can volunteer. You encourage others through this blog everyday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Meredith-
You have become such a wonderful "blog friend", and I look forward every day to seeing what's going on in your corner of the world, and what the different ladies who comment on your blog are going to say. You are a GREAT encouragement to me! :-) My three words these past few years, that I live by, would probably be, "Don't give up!", because there sure have been some times when I've felt like it. So see, you've played a special role in my life! Thanks for the link to the wonderful video. We enjoyed it immensely.

Anonymous said...

As you have repeated that verse to your family, it has also become true of you, Meredith. Your influence is quite widespread in this blog, your current Volunteer Work!

You are an encouragement to me daily. I appreciate your ability to focus, in your blog, on your stated purpose and not wander into other types of blogging. I appreciate your commitment to Godly wife-ing and mothering in an atmosphere of beauty.
You are one of the arrows in my personal arsenal of encouragement to keep myself focused on what God has called me to do. Thanks, Meredith.

Deb Meyers

Angie said...

Meredith...I can't even begin to tell you how encouraging and inspiring you've been to me.

Since I've been reading your blog, I've taken the time to slow down and evaluate what I do and why. I'm focusing more on doing smaller everyday things that make my family happier...setting a nice table, using nicer dishes, cooking from scratch, changing to fresh sheets mid-week to surprise everyone (my daughter loves that...from your pillowcase idea)and doing many other things with love and grace for my family.

I don't want to miss the small things and you remind me of the precious memories and example that I can be setting every day for my family.

Thank You~

*carrie* said...


Thank you for the reminder to be an encouragement to others, and for sharing so much of your heart and life with your readers.

Anonymous said...

I think that we go through different phases of volunteering thoughout our lives. When my boys were little I volunteered with school, sports teams ect. When they grew and left home I volunteered with the Salvation Army food bank, the Master Gardener program for several years. My Mother became quite ill with breast and colon cancer. Her treatments were very difficult so I spent more time with her (she is doing well now). My Aunt is elderly and has no children so I help her with shopping, dr visits ect. I watch my Grandkids 2x a week (a joy for me!) I was getting exhausted so I made my family my priority. I will go back to outside volunteering someday but for now I feel God wants me with my Mom, Aunt and Grandkids. Meredith, your blog is a bright spot in my day! I like to curl up with a cup of tea and read it. Your pictures are beautiful, stories inspiring. You do bring pleasure to others.
Thank You,

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is feeling better. You are an inspiration to me. I check your blog often and always enjoy your updates.


Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

I agree with the power of encouragement - and there's always room for more encouragement in our families, schools and churches!