Friday, June 01, 2007

Renewing library books

Ouch! My son's library card accrued $4 in fees while we were out of town for a funeral. I could access the card catalog online, but I couldn't remember all three card numbers and PINs for renewals.

I finally taped the numbers to my laptop for easy reference. It would be just as easy to save them to a document file. No more excuses for me!


Indie Pereira said...

$4 isn't ouch. $100+ is ouch. Just ask my husband who no longer uses the library.

Anonymous said...

I check out the whole family's materials on my card. That way, only one set of numbers to memorize.

I have, however, had over 100 items checked out at a time.


Meredith said...

Wow! I still hate to lose $4 that I wouldn't have had to pay otherwise, though.

Jora, our library has a 25 item limit per card. We have to stack my card and my son's to get enough materials to last us.

Anonymous said...

Our library fortunately does not impose fines on children's books (at least at this time) nor do they impose a limit on books (there is a 5 per card limit on recordings). While I do find it easier to put everything on my card, I'm then not teaching my children the wonderful value of using their cards and the small thrill of checking things out themselves.

I keep the cards in my purse and that has worked great. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think our card limit is 150 items (Several years ago, I asked.) I know I've exceeded 100 without complaint from the desk.

And, with different family members chekcing out things for their own interests, we almost always have more than 50 items checked out.


Fatcat said...

Our library would waive the feels if it was for a funeral or something like that. I've had them waive mine when I was just out of town when I just mentioned it in passing. I didn't expect them to not fine me, but they did.