Thursday, May 31, 2007

Retro frugality

Dawn at Frugal For Life has some retro conservation posters to admire. Why aren't we seeing anything similar for today's families?


Anonymous said...

This is why.

Marsha said...

I commented over at Dawn's, but I'll say it here, too: I think that the reception to Jimmy Carter's suggested that one "put on a sweater" before turning up the heat - which was loud and mocking - put at end to any effective leadership we might otherwise get on these issues. No matter what one's feelings on the two prevailing parties on other issues, they are woefully deficient on leading the way in matters of ecology and economy.

Anonymous said...

We aren't seeing these posters because big business would have a heart attack in front of anyone who suggested the the ever indebted American consumer stop spending. They want your money.

Dawn said...

How dare you speak such lies! I can't believe that big business DOESN'T have our best interest at heart.
(end snarky comment)

Right on the nose!