Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Arranging wildflowers

Tonight I dragged the baby to a class at the library. She didn't cooperate, but I couldn't miss a FREE WORKSHOP on creating arrangements using wildflowers and found items! Our instructor was a kindred spirit, an amateur who loves the natural look for weddings and parties. Elise wouldn't let me stay for the whole demonstration, but I picked up a few tips for my own roadside creations:

  • Gather wildflowers at 5 am. (If you're up with the baby anyway...)

  • Choose flowers with sturdy stems.

  • Put a teaspoon of sugar in each bucket of tepid water.

  • Use Queen Anne's Lace and Vetch as delicate fillers around "real" wholesale blooms.

  • Conceal tin cans or cardboard cones with lichen or sheet moss.

  • Add bare branches for height and proportion.

  • Find a light industrial area, railroad, or utility line easement for easy pickin'.

I was so inspired to create a wild arrangement for Elise's birthday next week!


Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Good grief! Is she already a year old?!

Why 5am for flower gathering? Are they at their peak at that time or what? Just curious.

Be Inspired Always said...

5am? Hmmmm a bit to early for me. I'm new to your blog and enjoy it greatly.

It's my 1 year anniversary of blogging, and their is a give-away on my blog... so remember to stop on in.