Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cleveland, Tennessee?

Does anyone know any fun things to do in Cleveland, Tennessee? I found one site which lists a Goodwill, a Salvation Army, and a Community Thrift Store.Cleveland even has a Habitat Homestore. (My husband asks if we should drive the station wagon!) That should keep me busy, but I do have the kids to think about! Email me at

As I'm doing my pre-trip research, I think I'll dump all my interesting links on this post. Maybe someone else will find them useful one day!

Photos of 1960's open air Village Mall, vintage architecture perfectly preserved in Cleveland
Download a map and guide to Cleveland's antique stores.
Bulk foods store with a children's play area. I'll double check their spice prices.

Yes! Forgive my obsession with plain living, but I was hoping there would be a Mennonite community near Cleveland. Now to see if they have a bulk food store...
Beautiful, affordable cabins for families staying in Southeast TN


Carrie J said...

Meredith, We have good friends in Cleveland. She is a teacher in Kindergarten there. I will try to contact her for suggestions. I have never been to Delano but have been to the Muddy Pond Mennonite community for the fall Molasses cooking. Please let us know if Delano is worth the trip as we go down that way from Knoxville several times a year.

It's a Mom Thing said...

My husband grew up in Cleveland and my in-laws still live there. I will ask her what fun family/kid things are in Cleveland. We visit fairly often, but mostly just spend family-time when we're there. The Mayfield Dairy isn't too far away in Athens (I think, it may be in Sweetwater). And I haven't been to any of their thrift stores, but if you go I'll have to see how you liked them so I can go next time we're there.

My husband always says that the Trail of Tears started in Cleveland, so there may be some historic type things in the "downtown."

I'll get back to you if I find out any more.

PS- My daughter and I are in town this week to visit during my mom's spring break. I hope you guys enjoy your family time, as well!

Chris Cummings said...

Cleveland has some neat stuff (I live there) but I think it's strong point is as a jumping off point for other places. Ocoee, Chattanooga, Etowah etc are easy locations to get to from Cleveland.

I really like living in Cleveland and I think its a great place. One thing you might want to check out IN Cleveland is the museum down town.

In surrounding areas:
Chattanooga - lots of attractions, the Aquarium, Rock City, Ruby Falls, Coolidge park (fun in the summer, ride the merry go round and let the kids take their bathing suits and play in the fountains!), lots of thrift stores.

Ooltewah has probably the best thrift store called the Samaritan Center (SDA owned so closed on Sat.)

Etowah has a TON of thrift and antique stores and a nice little Ice Cream Parlor that makes good burgers.

Athens has the mayfield dairy and in the sumemr they have a DRIVE IN THEATRE! A bunch from our church went and hung out there and had a great time watching Nacho Libre and Barn Yard (and having a picnic)!

Sweetwater has the Lost Sea a neat cave experience including a cave boat ride where you can see the creepy blind trout stocked in the lake. :-)

Ocoee has the river and lake, mountains and tons of beautiful scenery!

So there's lots to do within a 30 minute drive of Cleveland and when you get tuckered out you can come back to Cleveland to eat at Logans, Golden Corral, Applebees etc or for us more common folk Chick-Fil-A. :-) We have some good local stuff too: Olivers, Nellie Bell's, Tres Hermanos, Kim San, Yummy, La Altiena, Gondolier. Mmmmmm....

Have fun!