Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Muffin mixes

Why, oh why, didn't I get started on this project last month? I could have been more prepared. Aldi, my "safety" store for low prices, had only bruised fruit and a line of twenty people. Their molasses (which used to be 18 ounces for $1.59) is now a slimmer 16 ounce bottle for $1.79. Of course, if I had planned smarter, I could probably have ordered a bulk jug from a co-op. Big Lots saved me with Griffin's molasses (16 ounces for $1.50), flaked coconut ($1 a package) and more ginger. Lemons are expensive this year, so I will substitute bottled lemon juice and grate some of the peel into the glaze for a fresher taste.

One thing I'm doing right is preparing all my dry ingredients early. I bake on Wednesday, because I don't have the space or freezer to keep all those muffins fresh. We pre-measured and bagged the dry additions for each batch last night, with smaller bags for glaze or streusel topping ingredients. This should make the baking (and the cleaning!) less overwhelming.
I hope!


Anonymous said...

Don't beat youself up over not being more prepared! We all know that you have not been siting home watching game shows! You are doing all you can to glorify your husband and your Lord. So stop that and enjoy the journey of this gift to your husbands co-workers. If you find yourself beating yourself up, look around; your son is watching and what are you showing him? Are you laughing about the wonderful gift you are making or complaining that you could have done it better and cheaper and sooner and.... Please don't stress over the small stuff. You are doing a wonderful job and we all love peaking in on your life. We all love you, your son loves you, your husband loves you and most of all GOD LOVES YOU. Have fun cooking tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea to premeasure...I was thinking about doing that for myself while I was mixing up some muffin mixes to give as gifts. It would definately help me have fresh muffins more often around here. Have fun baking!

Anonymous said...

great going!!!!

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

You are insane :) Wonderful, but insane :) I hope all of the muffin recipients appreciate the wonderful gift you are giving them on the morning of the breakfast.

I'll be thinking of you slaving away in the kitchen tomorrow morning.

It's a Mom Thing said...

Good luck with everything, Meredith! If anyone can pull it off, you can. I have NO doubts! And I know the faculty and staff will enjoy it so much.
I'll pray your kiddos are great during your "baking day." Oh, and I just love looking at those countertops...nice!
Merry Christmas!

Homekeeper Mom said...

You will do beautifully, just like last year! I want you to know, I am making your gingerbread muffins for our librarians for Thursday. They just sounded so wonderful! Thanks for sharing it. I hope your Christmas season is as blessed as ours has been. :)


Jennifer said...

This sounds like a huge task! How nice of you to do that. I was wondering what kinds you were making. We eat a ton of muffins and I am always looking for new types. Thanks!