Monday, December 18, 2006

Kids LEGO Creations

Most bloggers slow down during the holiday season. I've had an unintentional break, so I plan to keep posting as time permits. I do have to bake 300 muffins by Thursday, you know! Remember when I optimistically committed myself to a LEGO Kids blog? I'm not sure it can go full force like Merchant Ships, but I'm adding posts whenever a bit of LEGO ephemera crosses my mind. Which is about as often as I step barefoot on a sharp little brick.

Check out Kids LEGO Creations if you have a LEGO loving kid at home. And do admire our serendipitous Goodwill find from Thanksgiving!
UPDATE: I fixed the comment problem there. It was on the default setting. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

you dont allow anonymous comments over there so here goes...i disinfect our lego finds in the tub with HOT water and good old bleach....then rinse with the shower wand and then dry dry dry dry

good as new

celina from canada

Anonymous said...

since no anonymous comments at the lego site here goes... we spread a sheet on the floor and kids played with all the legos on the sheet (we had carpet). When play time was over the boys picked up the sheet by the corners and put the "bag" in a box. Next time they lifted the "bag" out of the box and spread out the sheet with the pile of legs all ready to go. No legos allowed off the sheet. Built creations could be stored on a shelf. Pam

Sharon said...

I do pretty much the same thing with my legos as celina from canada except I throw all the legosin the bathtub with hot water and some bleach. I let that soak for a while--I figure it will kill the germs on the legos and anything that could possibly lurk in the tub. Then I empty all the water out and refill with clean, hot water to make sure there won't be any leftover bleach on the lego pieces. Throw all the pieces then onto large towel and set out to dry and they are good to go!

Anonymous said...

I never cleaned our legos EVER but these tips have my mental wheels moving...

What if you put PAM's sheet of Legos in CELINA's tub of bleach water? Then, this is the way I spin out wet lettuce to dry (only I use an old pillowcase), gather the wet sheet full of legos and take it outside and spin it round and round . The centrifugal force slings most of the water out.