Monday, October 16, 2006

Hard work

Have you visited Maggie's blog lately? She has two great new posts, Free Ways To Increase My Standard of Living and a Rant About Comparison Shopping. I liked both of these because she discusses the nitty-gritty of living thriftily. It's hard work, and even a frugal icon like Miss Maggie must occasionally steel herself for the challenge.

Me, I've been feeling like a spendthrift after paying $200 for a sofa and buying a house in a ritzier zip code. Later this week I'll share the numbers on my decorating budget so you'll have a better idea where the money is going.

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Anonymous said...


Don't feel like a spendthrift -- you AMAZE me with your frugality.

Just as an example, our last move was company-sponsored.

Unfortunately, the guy who estimated our household goods weight made a mistake -- he underestimated by 10%. We COULD have got rid of excess furniture at the old house, but we felt secure in his estimate.

As a result, we had to pay charges for weight over what the company would pay. $1500 worth. OUCH.

I know the company paid a BIG chunk of cash to move us -- probably around $8000.

And you did a whole move for $300.

Still feel like a spendthrift?