Sunday, September 17, 2006

Total disarray

Aren't you glad you're not moving? We'll be in the house until Thursday night, but I have to pack the hard stuff over this weekend. It's going to be hard to live here this week!
Luckily I have a great little helper. Garner Dodson (Making the Most Of Every Move, 1958) had it right on the money when she advised real work for the children. Andrew has been whiny and bored all week, but when I put him to a grown-up task, watch out! The boy can work! He'sclimbed on the counter to hand down all the dishes from high shelves and scooted in the low cabinets to pull out all their contents, too.


Kayla said...

I'm amazed out how much alike our moves have been. I too had kids on the counters, taping boxes and wrapping not-too-breakable breakables. They poured peanuts into boxes and now here, they have been helping org DVD's & books, unpacking their own boxes, org'ing clothes and helping mom pop "poppy-paper" (bubble wrap).

Green Tea & Kimchee said...

Your house looks so organized compared to what I am looking at right now. Plus, so much was broken for this move, I have been very upset.

I am back in Japan, probably for 3 to 5 years this time. I'm glad to be back. I missed it so much. The youngest is especially happy to be back in Japan. I think he is an ex-pat in the making.

How do I send you my e-mail?


Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith-
The pictures kind of made me sad...I have SO enjoyed over the past 1 1/2 years seeing all the beautiful things you did to this house, and it's sad to see you leaving it now! But I know that you're on to bigger and better things, and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of all the incremental, lovely things you do to the next house! Best wishes for a peaceful week, even in the midst of all your busyness!
Susan from Illinois :-)

Meredith said...

Thanks always have such encouraging words for me : )

Tracey and anyone else who needs to reach me privately, my email address is now on the sidebar.

Someone Beautiful said...

This is so sweet! My little boys get cranky too when I don't let them help enough. :) Guests have been shocked to see a fight avoided when I distracted my toddler with "Let's do dishes!" and he is excited. Andrew looks very proud!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your move this week, Meredith. I look forward to reading about your new house.