Sunday, September 17, 2006

Craig's List does it again!

We had an extra Rubbermaid shed that we arranged to take with us to the next house. Have to get my money's worth, right? But we once we saw the new house, we knew it wouldn't fit the neighborhood. I was so tired this weekend, I contemplated just leaving it for our buyer.

Would I have the time to sell it all by myself? Could I deal with the inevitable buyers who just have to have it, yet never show up? What if someone doesn't bring a truck that's big enough, or needs me to help lift? I snapped a photo and posted it on Craig's List anyway. Prospective buyers must bring appropriate transportation and take it away by the end of the weekend. I priced it half what we paid. We waited a full day with no calls, until a couple from out-of-town phoned. Not only would they drive 100+ miles to pick it up, they had a 16 foot trailer on which to load it.

They showed up. They paid cash. They didn't knock down a tree backing out of the yard. The entire transaction took less than an hour, from listing to loading. The money will pay for almost all of our moving truck rental. And to think I almost didn't take the time to sell it!

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