Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring Break In Review

1. All those pesky appointments yielded an unexpected tax refund, a newly updated will, good test results and a generous supply of prescription drug samples. Plus, we learned we could order one medicine in the 40 mg version and split each pill in half. This will save us $10 a month at the pharmacy. It helps to have a family doctor who is frugal himself.

2. Cold gray weather meant we used our YMCA membership several afternoons as a family. Thank God for Dads. My husband used his powers of persuasion to have my son begging for more time in the nursery, so I could get back on the cardio routine and have time to shower afterward. Also discovered the complimentary tea and coffee bar.

3. The natural meat experiment made for several tasty meals at home, discouraging us from eating out. When we did go, we used a BOGOF coupon for my birthday meal at the Indian restaurant. We also found Backyard Burger's Kids Night on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We ate there after the Y, splitting an adult combo between us while my son ate free. Backyard Burger is my all-time favorite "fast food."

4. Free fun at two outdoor stores: a great author lecture at REI about all the places to paddle around Nashville and an excellent fly fishing clinic at Bass Pro Shop.


Terri said...

Hi, Meredith!

It sounds like it was a great week for you and your family! Your comment about your doctor sounds very much like our family's doctor. I went in for my check-up last week. I have high blood pressure and when the doctor was going over my family history, he said something about my having a twin sister and both parents who also have HBP. I told him that he actually treats all of us - he didn't realize that because, of course, my sister and I have different last names. When I told him who my parents are, he asked if I could make a delivery to my dad. Our doctor had received several samples of Lipitor and wanted to send them to my dad (he and Mother are currently without insurance). It ended up being a year's supply of Lipitor! My dad was so surprised and really overwhelmed! It's such a blessing when you can find a good doctor!

Mom2fur said...

We don't have Backyard Burger around here, but when my kids were little and we did the fast food thing, we always split drinks and fries. It wasn't so much being frugal as not wanting food to go to waste. Why is it when you order a drink, even a small size seems big enough to float the Titanic, LOL?

Mindy said...

Meredith...Blessings abound don't they! God is good to us! Enjoy..

DonnaB said...

Sounds like you had a good week!

Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

Awww...I'm jealous! Our YMCA has coffee, but no tea. I'll have to ask if they'd consider tea.

Have a great day! I really enjoy your blog.