Wednesday, March 08, 2006

For Mothers Only: Gratuitous Child Anecdotes

I just can't help myself--the inner workings of the four-year-old mind are so funny!

Scene: At the doctor's office, the nurse prepares for vaccination.
Son: (desperate for anything that will distract the doctor from giving the order) So, where do you keep the leeches? I mean, I know they grow them on a leech farm, but how do you store them here in the office?

Scene: On the way home from a consignment sale, where Mom has bought various breastfeeding supplies.
Son: So, you're going to have to do that several times a day? Won't that take up a lot of time?
Mom: Yes, but I'm glad to do it because it is super-power-food for the baby.
Son: (sits quietly for several minutes. I can almost hear the gears turning in his head.) Well, if you bought me some supplies, I think I could make you some kind of squeezer, attached to tubes. The tubes would connect to a bottle for collection. Kind of like something they have at a dairy. That should help.

Note: recent field trips have not included either a dairy or a leech farm, much to his disappointment.


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie! My boys were explaining the breast pump I loaned a friend expecting her first, and it was hilarious to listen to them (and watch her face). LOL! Maybe he'll get a trip to a dairy farm soon?

Laura Talbert said...

Oh, my! That breast-feeding part was hilarious=)

mothersong said...

That's really cute. My almost 4 year old would *love* a field trip to the leech farm!

Actually, his big entertainment these days is watching the gecko eat the crickets. Boys are just wierd. :-)

Terri said...

Oh, how funny! Children can be so precious - especially boys! I know that you enjoy him tremendously!

Anonymous said...

Well, that definitely a different response than Noelle had - she immediately wanted to stick them to her "tummy" like mommy did. :) How funny!

Kathryn Thompson said...

If he'd been just a teeny bit earlier, he could have invented the Medela and you could be making a fortune.

Goslyn said...

Oh, too funny. He's quite precocious, isn't he?