Friday, September 02, 2005

Investment Cooking

My love of efficient cooking and guilt about healthy food are often at odds. I can't use Campbell's soup in a freezer casserole and feel good about it, if you know what I mean! I was thrilled to discover this interesting site from the healthy foods discussion at Our Three Pennies. Investment cooking (as described by creator Krystal) is a blend of bulk/freezer cooking methods and a whole-foods approach to eating. Her free newsletter and nutritious recipes (adapted for the freezer) look promising, so sign up today.

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mothersong said...

I haven't bought a can of soup in 10 years, but I still find myself at odds between needing to get food on the table quickly and needing to eat healthily.

One thing I do is cook a large pot of beans and a large pot of rice for the week. Both will keep for several days in the frig. Cooked beans freeze well, becoming a convenience food. In fact, I usually take a day a month and cook big pots of different kinds of beans, then freeze them for future use. Rice freezes well, too, but we have a rice cooker so I don't find the need as pressing to have it already cooked.

I'm working on our healthy eating habits this fall. We're also making the transition to more raw foods, juice, etc. Seems simple, but it's hard to get into new routines of thinking about what to serve, and remembering to have those ingredients, save that time, etc.

However, I got to buy more books! I got a really interesting one recently, called Raw Foods Dining. Combines a variety of approaches instead of one single one.

Above Rubies has a lot of info about raw foods and healthy eating in general. Do you get that newsletter? I love it so much. It's very inspiring.

All that said, we're having brisket for our big Friday dinner tonight. On sale for $.94 a pound, I couldn't resist the bargain or the meal!