Friday, September 02, 2005

Company Countdown

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The bathtub grout is sprouting mildew, but by golly, I'll find the time to reupholster my spotty kitchen chairs first! The countdown continues (a week earlier than scheduled) and I still have a good bit of deep cleaning to do. The guest room bed has been cleared of its two foot layer of migrating junk. Alarm clock and TV have been connected, fresh sheets tucked and pillows plumped. I still have to pre-cook some dishes and, if I have time, wash the windows. Oh, yes, paint the house numbers on the new mail box.

If I didn't have the occasional overnight guest, my house might never get this clean.


CallaLilly said...

Very nice job on your chairs. :) Sounds like you are making a nice restfull place for your guests.

Anonymous said...

I can never recover chairs without someone there to help me hold the fabric taut. How do you do it by yourself.

Meredith said...

I use strategically placed staples to hold the fabric tightly. I've never had a second pair of hands to help me, so I've learned to do it alone.

1. Cut the fabric wider than the seat (I leave a generous margin and trim after stapling).

2. Place the seat top down on the fabric. Adjust the center if needed.

3. Pull one side of the fabric around the edge of the seat--staple one or two times in the middle of that side.

4. Now pull the OPPOSITE side's fabric over the edge, making sure it is stretched tightly. Staple one or two times in the middle of that side.

5. Repeat for the two remaining sides, pulling tightly as you staple. Now you should have all four sides tightly stretched at key points.

6. Continue stretching and stapling the unfastened areas on all four sides.

7. Fold or pleat the fabric at each corner, pull tightly, and staple.

Anonymous said...

That's basically what my husband and I do together, but I've never been able to master doing the stretching and stapelling. Maybe I'll have to try again. I do have a chair that I need to work on.