Friday, November 28, 2008

Origami for Christmas

We spent Thanksgiving evening folding cranes and doves for our tree.

I had hemmed and hawed over Origami for Christmas in the Goodwill aisle. Is it worth buying seasonal titles when I could borrow them from the library instead?

The folded paper nativity made me reach for the wallet.

Never expected $1.29 to create such a fun family night!


Lindsey said...

What a sweet idea! I love that. I've been hovering over your posts for a couple of weeks and let me just say, you're wonderful Meredith. I'm inspired by you :-) You have a very special talent!


Unknown said...

I am doing my whole tree in origami this year. I just posted a tutorial the other day on how to do an origami garland. Great minds do think alike!


Becky said...

I'd love to see the origami Nativity scene when you're through!

I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

Sheila said...


Thanks for that!

And I need to tell you I gave you an award over on my blog this morning. Check it out!

I so appreciate that video you posted earlier this week about consumerism at Christmas. I've shown it to everyone and my pastor is now showing it in church tomorrow!

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Please show us pictures when your tree is complete. How fun! And that nativity.
Thanks for all your ideas.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is worth buying seasonal titles, if your family will use them.

And here's why:

* It could be checked out of the library (or missing or lost) when you need it.
* The weather (or illness) could prevent you from going to the library.
* You just might come into a room and find your kids happily making origami ornaments -- in August!
* The price was low enough to make it worthwhile.

Now, I don't believe this for EVERY book. But it's nice to have a bookcase full of favorites that are available whenever you want them.

-- Jora

Anne Marie said...

My son loves to fold origami so I would have bought it! I just checked and our library does have a copy so I requested it. Thanks for the idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you so much for this idea! We just moved from Japan to Hawaii (military family) and just got word that most of our household goods won't be here in time for Christmas.

I was reluctant to invest in a duplicate set of Christams decorations but needed something for the tree(and we ruled out cheap glass balls due to our hard floors and destructive 2 year old). The origami is perfect!! Inexpensive, elegant, toddler safe, and very appropriate given where we just came from.

Thank you so much for posting this!


martha said...

Buying that book will help you kids carry on the tradition with their own families some day. Good investment.

Would love to see the folded nativity set. Instructions?

Tubo Family said...

That's about as much as a 99 cent video rental plus tax so seems a good investment for one family night plus all the ornaments and future fun! Love to see the Nativity if you decide to make it...will it usurp your box town tradition?

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a picture of the Nativity!

My daughter makes Origami p.j.s (or, shirt and pants) out of 2 - dollar bills and tapes them to handmade birthday cards, always a hit!. Found the instructions in an origami desk calendar gift last year.

deb meyers

Anonymous said...

15 years ago a move across country separated us from our household goods, that first Christmas looked mighty bleak. We did the whole tree in paper snowflakes and now papercutting is an important part of our Christmas tradition. Just before Thanksgiving the paper and scissors come out, the books are pulled from the bookcase and now internet searches are added to the inspirational mix. My daughter is 27, to her this is more a part of Christmas than all the urging to shop more and more and more.
That and making gingerbread houses with grahmn crackers! Don't uderestimate the profound power of these simple activities to produce a lifetime of memories!

Bobi Jensen said...

This is neat! I haven't left a comment in awhile, but wanted to let you know I'm still faithfully watching your blog! Hope the adjustment to three kids is going well for you. It was tough for me!