Saturday, October 25, 2008

Generic LEGO sets?

Andrew earned $5, but $5 doesn't buy you LEGO sets anymore.

After much dithering in the Kmart aisle, he spotted 3 Just Kidz kits, each marked $2.5o on clearance.

He's a gambler.

Or at least practical. He asked the clerk if he could return them if they didn't click together.

To our surprise, the 2-vehicle kits were detailed and fun to assemble. LEGO purists will prefer them as stand-alone toys, but Andrew gives them his seal of approval for stocking stuffers and birthday gifts.


Anonymous said...

Do they snap together with Lego brand bricks?

My son is older and he had a set called Built to Rule that was a different company brand of "lego" and it did snap together with the Lego brand ones.

Someone told me that off brands can now snap together with the Lego brand because the original patent for Lego has expired.

My son is a bit of a Lego purist but he doesn't seem to mind the original odd "Built to Rule" pieces when the fit the build. LOL


Meredith said...

They do snap together with LEGO bricks, but not as seamlessly as a pure pile of LEGO.

I thought these generic kits were equally detailed and time-consuming to assemble, though.

Nicola said...

honestly, i was surprised to learn recently that name brand lego is as inexpensive as it is. a bucket of blocks can be as little as $10 new. and the advantage to lego is that it is european made and sold, so meets safety standards some toys here don't.

Christa said...

My son bought the same brand of police van on clearance for $2.50 awhile back, too. I was the one designated to put it together (he's only 4), and I was impressed, too! I've used other off-brand "Legos" and had my share of frustrations with them, but these weren't much different from name brand. My dad did comment that sometimes the off-brands come apart easier once they've been disassembled once. I don't know about that since my son has kept his in great shape so far. :)

Anonymous said...

Does Andrew get an allowance? If so, at what age did you start and is it dependent on chores or simply an allowance so that he has money of his own to manage and chores are a whole diffenent issue?

Jessica said...

That is so neat! I'm glad he found something he liked!

By the way, you're tagged!

Anonymous said...

Totally wondering about this - saw them last week. Thanks Andrew!

Anonymous said...

yes... the allowance for Lego/bionicle boys doesn't go as far as it used to.... :-D

ancient one said...

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Meredith said...

He does not have an allowance. He is expected to pitch in as part of the family.

When we have special jobs we offer money, or if I am working on a paid project and he contributes, then I will share a portion of my profit.

Otherwise I usually buy toys on clearance or yard sales and let him select from a "family general store" when he has earned a special reward. That way I keep the costs down for everyone.