Sunday, December 23, 2007

Party leftovers

One of the unexpected benefits of hospitality is having all this nice fruit and greenery afterward. The $2.50 poinsettias found a place next to my dining room palm.

(The bakery cut me a better deal, giving me just enough for two pots.)

I even used the last of my 99-cent wired ribbon.

The table runner is a long paisley scarf from Goodwill. I never quite got the knack of wearing over my shoulder, but its color looks so rich against the black table.


Miss G said...

I love the ribbons tied around the chair legs! I too am a big fan of tying ribbons unexpected places! Love the dollar ribbon bin at Michael's! I also think your scarf looks great on the table. My sister-in-law uses the beautiful beaded wrap that came with her wedding dress but that she did not wear as her Christmas table runner every year! Merry Christmas! Kelly

Lisa B. said...

I love finding untraditional things to dress up a table, mantle or side bar! I've never thought of a scarf though. That's a great idea.