Saturday, March 31, 2007

Encouraging MP3 show

My little boy was sitting at a tall barstool when he suddenly fell to the floor--no seizure, no tipping--it was as if an unseen hand pushed him. Of course, a giant lump emerged where his head hit the concrete. Everything else looks okay, but I'm up late doing the check-him-every-hour vigil. (Moms of boys, get used to this!)

How had I not heard of Cindy Rushton's Mom-to-Mom radio show? Cindy and I just did the laundry together while everyone else is sleeping. Charlotte Siems, her guest in this interview , has so much to say about making a home beautiful, even on a pastor's salary.

I plan to download and listen whenever I clean the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

I heard Cindy at a homeschool convention a few years ago, and thought she was a great speaker. I found her to be very encouraging. But I didn't know she had a radio program. I'll have to check it out.
(PS- the incident you had with Andrew sounds just like something that would have happened at our house. A pastor's wife I know, who is now in her 70's, has a beautiful head of silvery gray hair. She says that it was her 3 boys that gave her every one of those gray hairs!)

TulipGirl said...

You may also enjoy the "That Mom" podcasts--they are aimed at homeschool moms, laced with grace, and very encouraging:

Robin said...

I just love Cindy Rushton's Mom-to-Mom, also. I finally found a great use for that free Ipod that my hubby won at work. I download the chat, listen and clean. It sure makes the work pass quickly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Tulipgirl!

I don't have an Ipod, but I can play it on my laptop while I clean. It is the next best thing to having a friend chat at the kitchen counter.