Monday, February 19, 2007

French Provincial furniture

"I thought you didn't believe in dressers," a friend teased at the end of the coffee. See, that's the trouble with meeting people who read your blog. All your lofty aspirations may not match real life. Or, as my brother warned beforehand, "What will you do when they see the parts you cropped out?"

After my cheeks stopped burning, I admitted we had just bought the dresser at an estate sale down the street. My husband really wanted one. I couldn't argue with this Henredon version, which cost less than a cheapie closet organizer and came with a gorgeous double mirror and bedside table. Perhaps one day I'll paint the set white for Elise's room. For now, I'm toying with glazes to take away that greenish tone. If you're good at painting, 50's and 60's French Provincial furniture can one of the best buys on the secondhand market.


Anonymous said...

ROFLOL!!! "See, that's the trouble with meeting people who read your blog. All your lofty aspirations may not match real life. Or, as my brother warned beforehand, "What will you do when they see the parts you cropped out?""
It all came flooding back, the afternoon our church elder and his family came over to share a meal with us and she wanted to see "all the things you blog about". Well, she did see them, along with those things I don't blog about! Oh, my, too funny! Thanks for the chuckle!

Oh, BTW, I *do* believe in dressers, and I think your new one is a splendid find!

It's a Mom Thing said...

This dresser is beautiful and although you may be against dressers, look at how much storage it provides. I think it looks really pretty!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your brother's comment. I have three brothers and they somehow always have a way of keeping me grounded in reality! Like everything else, the dresser is beautiful. Blessings!

Someone Beautiful said...

This is gorgeous! I don't see the green tone. I was thinking when the picture popped up that "Meredith must be using this as a sofa table or in the dining nook. ;) It would make a really great sofa table especially since you could keep all the supplies for each of you in specific long as baby doesn't find them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hint on French Provincial furniture. I used to have a 50's green-tinted dresser but it was "modern" style...I painted it black which worked well for my college apt.

BTW, I didn't think you were so much "against" dressers as just not eager to spend a lot of money on something flimsy. You said your husband wanted one...I assume that means he will use the drawers which is great! My husband (my sweetie :) ) prefers to literally cram his clothes into a pile (mind you, I wash and put away the laundry so this is just the stuff he took out to where but changed his mind on) so I've given up on a dresser for him.

Anonymous said...

Alison, I am a piler myself. I would live out of a laundry basket if that were socially acceptable. As it is, redoing my closet and keeping things pretty has helped those tendencies tremendously.

I don't hate dressers as a rule. In many rooms one needs a place to put a lamp, or a tall piece to give height to the rest of the room. Some modern rooms are so big, you need a dresser just to fill the space!

However, I always ended up removing a dresser when we would put a house on the market. Instantly, the room would look so much bigger and better! I started trying to live that way and still prefer the space over storage. I would rather have fewer things and more room to live. (or, in a child's room, more space to play). Also, I wonder just how much stuff should we own, if we can fill a closet AND a dresser just with things to wear?

My husband needs more room--he has work clothes and home clothes--so he is delighted to claim all the dresser for his own. I have to stick to my principles, y'know!

Brittney said...

oh wow, that is so beautiful! And that comment by your brother cracks me up... and makes me go *gulp* :D LOL

Amy said...

It is definitely hard to meet people in person who have read your blog. Especially those really loyal readers that remember things like not liking dressers :) That made me laugh! You are not alone, my friend! This has happened to me many times. Nothing like a practicing what you preach reminder :)

Beautiful piece of furniture! I would leave it as is because it is that nice!!!

Anonymous said...

I have the same set of photo albums, only mine are blue. Got them on clearance at Sam's, for very little money.
The dresser looks great. I use an antique dresser, as a sideboard in my diningroom. It holds tablecloths, etc. Henredon makes great quality furniture. Some of the pieces from the sixties and seventies are made of hardwood that is no longer affordable.