Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why wooden?

I found a beautiful answer to my question about wooden toys, at a new blog called House Art Journal. HT to Real Learning for the introduction.

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Someone Beautiful said...

I enjoyed that! Your initial post got me thinking too. Our wooden blocks are a choking hazard, but my 2 yr old begs to play with them everyday. So I bring them out when I can give him my full attention (he still puts them in his mouth). We just got some "standard unit" (school sized) wood blocks, and they are so much fun, we're all playing. :) They are extremely expensive, especially in maple which is supposed to be the ideal weight for building, but Melissa and Doug brand makes a set of 60 (rubberwood) that is on sale for 30 something on amazon, and I have heard you can find it at TJ Max for much less. Our plan is to gradually build a set of them through birthday gifts and as we get rid of other toys. :) I'm not sure if it's just wood, but the wood building blocks are becoming a favorite!