Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vintage tupperware

If you share my fondness for yard sale Tupperware, you'll appreciate the Tupper Diva. Her site is chock full of vintage Tupperware catalogs and ephemera.

If you're just now finding Like Merchant Ships, here are more of my own vintage Tupperware pictures and posts. Enjoy!
The Tupperware archives
Tupperware as therapy
Using your vintage Tupperware
The Tupperware pantry


Anonymous said...

I got so excited about your previous post about vintage tupperware that now I am collecting. I went to the thrift store over the weekend and found a nice small tupperware container with blue top. You are so inspiring to me!!!!!! Kathy C from ILLinois

Anonymous said...

Remember not to get carried away unless you'll use the containers! You know me, I would hate for someone to start buying things on my recommendation.

mine is a working collection, used every day! I just like that I can find all these neat specialized shapes and good quality lids for less than the cost of disposable Gladware.