Thursday, October 19, 2006


If you haven't yet switched to Blogger Beta, you'll be glad to know there's a new feature that lets you go back and label individual posts in bunches.

Instead of the 640 I did, one by one.


Marsha said...

I just switched to beta and...whoa, nelly. There is a *lot* to aborb there.

Wendy said...

Bummer! I did mine individually too, but didn't have only had a mere 200.

Homekeeper Mom said...

How do you do that? I just switched and didn't want to go through ONE BY ONE.........can I learn from you?


Meredith said...

Once you've switched to Blogger Beta, your Dashboard page should have updates and news on the bottom half (below the manage and create post section).
I noticed the article on today's dashboard, but I haven't tried it myself yet. Their instructions are generally pretty easy to follow!