Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Improving living habits

More good advice from Garner Dodson:
It is easier to break old habits and encourage new, more desirable ones in a new home. Let's go through a day and see what you might want to change. Has getting up and having breakfast been a chaotic mess previously? Is there anything you can do to make it smoother--such as getting up half an hour earlier? ... Will better storage of supplies and equipment save time?...Any one or all of these things, and others you'll think of, can be done within the home and before you know another person in the town. And eventually, you'll be grateful to the move for giving you the incentive and time to improve your family's living habits.--Making The Most of Every Move, p. 160.

I can think of lots of new habits I'd like to cultivate! It's amazing how altering the design of a space can alter the way your family lives. In the breakfast room, I'm planning child-friendly and functional, right down to child-size cleaning equipment in the adjacent laundry room. I'm putting together a "breakfast station" next to the stove, with everything I need--coffeemaker, waffle iron, omelet pan, juice glasses and coffee mugs--stored at the ready. We started a new tradition of the after-dinner walk tonight, too. There's a beautiful park and walking track less than a block down the street.


Anonymous said...

What a great way to learn about the area where you live, walk around after dinner. It also will clear out your head after a long day of child care and unpacking. It's always nice to re-do a room and make it work for your family. My husband is very left handed so we will often redo a room with a lefty in mind. It really does make a difference!!

Green Tea & Kimchee said...

I like the breakfast station idea. I am doing a "brew" station and have my tea cups, teas and hot water on the counter right by the dining room table. I noticed a lot of my Japanese friends do this.

I appreciate your efforts to make your home a haven. My mother was so great at that. So are you, seeing your breakfast area has given me some ideas for a child's space in our home. Moving is exciting for children but at the same time they need that feeling of continuity and ritual.

Someone Beautiful said...

I love this encouragement and hearing how you are starting new habits!

I've been meaning to ask how you implement the no shoe policy in your home. We have a no shoe policy, but a lot of guests don't like it. I've heard of a sign that says "Please be a dear & leave your shoes here". I don't want anyone to feel unwelcome, and I never ask the elderly/handicapped to remove shoes. I would like to hear how you announce this gracefully, and what you do if someone forgets and just wears the shoes anyway.

Goslyn said...

What a lovely post. Your home must be so warm and comforting for all the litte touches you are always adding.

I agree, moves are great times to refine and refresh your organizational skills.