Saturday, September 30, 2006

Settling in with husbands and children

I haven't done too well in this regard. My husband is just so good at organizing! Garner Dodson recommends setting up first the children's rooms, followed closely by the master bedroom. She says that you need a place to retreat and relax while everything else is chaos. No one would publish her advice today today, however sage the following might be:

Your husband will also enjoy it for the same reason; he's under a double strain, adjusting at both home and office. Any moments of peace among old and familiar surroundings are doubly welcome to him. It is far more important that he relax than to have him hopping all over the place helping you with this or that--which you really could do while he's at work--or to have the living room repainted and ready for callers the third day. Making a home is fundamentally your job, not his. His improved efficiency as a result of adequate rest not only cheers his disposition but also makes a good impression on the new boss. All of you may profit eventually from a pay increase.--Making The Most Of Every Move, p. 158


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed the comments you have posted from this book. I looked at our online library catalog and can't find any branch which has this old book. I did find it on a used book website, and am wondering if you think it's worth having in a home library. Sounds like you have benefitted quite a bit from the comments and suggestions it contained. What would you recommend?
And the picture you posted of your new home is lovely! Looks like you've got a beautiful new place to add your finishing touches to! Best wishes, and enjoy your warm showers and hot baths this weekend! They're well deserved after such a big move!

Meredith said...

I don't think I would buy it for my home unless it were a dollar or less, like at a yard sale. I've tried to save the best "gems" for posting here. At least half the book is financial and packing information which is too dated to be useful in today's world.

I do love reading from her perspective, though. I have a couple more quotations to share in the next few days.

Thanks again for the encouragement, Susan!