Monday, July 31, 2006

Thoughtful comments

Sometimes the comments are the best thing about this blog! Lately, that's truer than ever:
I want to thank Susan for the flip side of the coin thoughts...I have been praying for the woman etc. but she brought out other things to consider. We will all too soon be in that spot ourselfs. It takes a lifetime to gather things and then quickly we have to part with them. When we have gone to yard sales of elderly people they just love for you to sit down and talk a spell.To hear the story of their treasurues and their life. They want some family to now have them and it means so much to them that they can help someone else. You can learn a lot from these visits. They need to be time goes on they have less and less people in their lives as their friends and family may have all passed away. They love to mentor and be needed and they have so much still to give. How many of the teachers and neighbors we loved sit days alone in a nursing home wondering about the street they used to live on and the old neighbors.Do you know anyone who would like a visit?--Anna

You are so right! Our elderly neighbors across the street even took "after" photos of this house and garden to send to the previous owner. They were so tickled with how our remodeling turned out! Househunting is one of the most stressful experiences you can have, and it's good to keep life in perspective. This house, should we be blessed enough to buy it, would be both a great investment and a great place to live. We would be able to do all the remodeling ourselves, and my husband would be home from work in less than five minutes. Aesthetically, it's not a dream home, but it just has a certain solid feel...I can't explain it. Maybe because our others have been "distressed properties," where this one is simply old and faded. I don't want to jinx the deal with photos, but believe me, as soon as I have a contract on whatever house we buy, you'll be seeing plenty of pictures!


DonnaB said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

As a side light to the comment I made yesterday I want to add this thought. Many of us have had to help put family members in a rest home or assisted living facility. They can have only a few of their loved things there {and security is not too good at some places}...but as I get older and know my time is shortening, it makes me reflect on just what trinkets I would want round me if I had a chance to decide. My Bible and some family photos I would want of course, and I have made a little list of the 2 pictures and a book or so I would want to have if I could with me. When I showed my family they had no idea that these were the things in the whole house I treasured most out side of my Bible and family photos. The objects were only worth two cents to someone else but held treasured memories to me.I had a chance then to tell them the story of each. So in a way this is another "exacuation" plan to make.
Susan's thoughts on watching the older couple holding hands while their lifetime of treasures was being sold made me think of the farm sales we have all seen.We all probably cried when she mentioned this...I did too. I know of such a couple now in a retirement place and they are together there and I cannot take in their complete serenity to "just be together" is all they want. That is love.