Monday, March 27, 2006

The Nicest Compliment Ever!

Here's the greatest thing you can say to a woman in her third trimester:

"I think you're losing weight! I mean, your belly is getting bigger, but you're shrinking everywhere else. Look at your arms!"

Rationally, I know that this is simply an issue of proportion--the huge belly in front makes everything else seem smaller. Still!

Other good news: my gestational diabetes test was completely normal. And my MIL sent me a fabulous birthday package, a selection of maternity-detracting accessories from the new Coldwater Creek store, plus a gift set of L'Occitane toiletries to tuck in my hospital bag.

I could tell she shopped for this gift personally, which is the real gift to me.


Kim C. said...

I keep wondering what is the proper response when people smile at a 3rd trimester mother (that would be *me*) and say, "Wow, your belly is really blossoming!"

Meredith said...

I know, Kim!!!
At least I seem to have this invisible forcefield that discourages people from patting my belly or touching me in any way--I count myself lucky for that and just smile through the comments.

Goslyn said...

I know exactly what you mean. My HUGE thighs have never looked thinner than when I was 9 months pregnant.

Shannon said...

Meredith - Your pregnancy is really flying by (for me, anyway!). Congrats on your GD test. I've had "issues" with that during my last two pregnancies and it is not fun.
I like your version of this compliment much better than the one I got from my mom. "I think you're losing weight. Your face looks kind of drawn. Are you eating enough?" The answer was sure I'm eating. It was the unstoppable nausea that was a problem:) Hope you're having a much easier time of it than that:)

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

Kim-Just say "thank you".

Kim C. said...

I do just smile and say "thank you." But I can't help being amused that these are the same people who look on in horror and jump to my defense when hubby puts his arm around me, smiles, and says, "you're pretty cute for a fat chick."