Friday, February 24, 2006

Auditing Your Trash

The folks at Prairie Homemaker have been talking trash--specifically, using your garbage to gauge areas of potential waste.

I used to be the recycling Nazi around here. It upset me so much to pay $45 a quarter for trash pickup that I eventually cancelled the service.

I was alone in my zeal.

Thus began a messy year of solitary sorting, composting, and compressing two weeks of trash in a Rubbermaid lidded chest that fit in the back of my car.

When gas prices skyrocketed, trips to the municipal waste site then cost more than weekly curb service. The rest of the household breathed a big (fume-free) sigh of relief.

Even I will admit it was a pungent experiment.

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CallaLilly said...

Now that we live in the city limits, we do not have a choice about garbage pickup, but we do have curbside recycling which is wonderful! Sometimes family members forget to put items into recycling rather than trash, but overall, we do pretty well with it. If you're not recycling, you're throwing it all away! ;)