Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fran Gare Low Carb Cheesecake Mix

Still bouncing back from my husband's unexpected day off!

It was the best kind of snow day--when the city roads are no longer slick and the skies are clear. We stopped by the mall to see about some shoes and taste test a slice of the Cheesecake Factory's low carb cake.

(My opinion? Good, but not as dense and creamy as the one I make from Fran Gare's mix.)

We hit the jackpot browsing through Williams-Sonoma. It was the last day of their winter sale, with Christmas and clearance items marked anywhere from 75-90% off. We bought extra-nice hardwood grill cleaning brushes (reg. $25) for the men in the family and some preserves and syrups marked down to 99 cents a bottle.

Great gifts for this year's stockpile!

1 comment:

SaraJo said...

These mystery objects are food dehydrator trays. Mmm, homemade fruit leather...