Thursday, September 29, 2005

Menu Math

My three year old was begging for a brunch of chicken tenders during our monthly Walmart trip. (Yes, I know, chicken tenders again...this tradition sprouted before I found the motherlode :)

I suggested two tenders, he countered with ten, and we settled on five to share with Daddy.

After the gentleman bagged our order, son grinned and said, "I tricked you, Momma! If I take these five tenders and split each in half, then I do have ten tenders after all!"

A little fuzzy on the ethics, but nice math, right?

I've been finding some cost analyses of meals popping up in blogs lately. I don't do this for the three of us, but I might start. Check out the menu math other moms are calculating below:

Tnshaffer at The Ladies Home Journal
Crystal Miller at Homemaking on the Homestead
Amy Clark's Momadvice Complete Aldi Menu Plan

1 comment:

Karan Simpson said...

Kids will figure out how to get their way every time, even if they do have to "trick!" At least that was a sweet trick. :)