Thursday, September 29, 2005

Field Trip: Wild Oats Wild Bucks Program

Wild Oats is not on my regular shopping route, but I want to pop in for some research this week.

They are having their semiannual buy one, get one free sale--including bags of Fair Trade coffee, which I want to buy for holiday guests.

Their online newsletter mentioned a program called Wild Bucks, where every purchase of a qualifying product earns you one Wild Buck--accumulate 10 for a $10 holiday gift card.

If the qualifying products are on sale or reasonably priced, this could be a lucrative way to save on groceries. Has anyone already deciphered the tricks of this program? What's the catch?


Meredith said...

Update: made my first research trip today. Wild Oats did this program last year, and some early birds had already scooped up a lot of the inventory. For instance, bags of frozen tropical fruit were on sale BOGOF at $2.99, with one Wild Buck for every two bags of fruit. The section was cleaned out. I hope they restock, although the manager did say the Wild Bucks designated items will change each week. Likewise for several of the other low priced products. Most items are in the 3-5 dollar range to earn 1 Wild Buck, although there are a couple of sleepers which slipped through the cracks. I left plenty of those for others :)

I'm thinking I will buy only products which we will use anyway and then use the Wild Bucks giftcards to buy consumable Christmas gifts--bags of coffee to give with homemade muffins to my husband's colleagues, for instance. Good luck with your shopping!

Anonymous said...

I've never done their Wild Bucks stuff, but if you guys are looking for something free and fun to do Wild Oats in Green Hills has a great kid's hour every Thursday morning from 9:30 to 10:30. They'll have local musicians, magicians, or other things. Yesterday it was a face painter.