Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lost: Season Premiere

Not that one.

My scatterbrained life has periods in which things just disappear. This summer has been great!

This fall, not so good.

In the last two weeks I have misplaced my cell phone (don't use it enough to realize it was gone), my car keys, my coupon file, the dress I bought for a funeral, an $8 CD case from the library, and the baking powder that must have rolled out of the grocery bag.

I suspended my cell phone service while I search, but everything else will have to be replaced.

My husband has a spot for everything. I'm working on it.

Only I better work a whole lot harder, because this season premiere is becoming expensive.


Anonymous said...

You want my list?

My cell phone car charger
My house flashlight (hubby found my old one that has been missing for close to a year while mowing the grass the other day...these are the really nice $20 flashlights too)
My son's sports cup ( found it but only after I bought a new one)
A couple of the Harry Potter books
So many shoes it would blow your mind!
One library book (school has been back in session for a month)
and most recently my son's jersey which I did find.

So you are not alone.


Meredith said...

Okay, that does make me feel better! At least we haven't lost our sense of humor...

Anonymous said...

add to the list

one bright green little league baseball bat.

I seriously think another kid picked it up at practice.

without humor i would be in a strait jacket!