Sunday, July 03, 2005

While I'm still on my farm kick.... is a woman being marketed as the next Martha Stewart, but with a fresher, organic perspective.

The name of her company, catalog, and book is Mary Jane's Farm. I've enjoyed browsing her selection of products and articles.

I hope her new book will be at the library, because I'd rather save my money for shares of her stock instead!


Coffee and a Muffin said...

She's everywhere! lol! Word certainly is getting around!

~Dawn said...

That would be cool if she started a farm fad. Even though it's commercialized, maybe the goodness will sink in for a few people. said...

She actually lives about 24 miles from me and some of the kids I used to teach work for her. Neat lady with a real a flair for living the "good life" in a healthy and natural way. :) I just finished reading her new book and loved it!