Sunday, June 19, 2005

Family Trip To the Junkyard

Our favorite mechanic closed shop. This is no small tragedy when you drive two old Volvos!

Since then, several parts have broken, the little things he charged almost nothing to fix. When my husband threw himself into the drivers' seat and cracked its lumbar support, we knew it was time for a new plan.

Our past junkyard experiences haven't been cheap OR easy. This time we tried the new Pull-A-Part off Centennial.

When the manager produced a diagram with listings for all Volvos with red interiors, my husband knew we had found his mecca! He uncovered a dome light to replace the one that's been dangling for months, a door panel for my cracked passenger side, a new wiper lever for the one I had broken in half, and the aforementioned lumbar support. (IPD charges $70 for a lumbar replacement kit).

The total? $15.

I have to give my husband a big pat on the back for sweating profusely as he pulled the parts himself and installed them later that day. He saved us a lot of money and kept our old cars re-salable for the future.

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Kim said...

Yay for your hubby! I'm impressed!