Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ladies' Lunch: Miss Daisy Cookbook

I had a friend to lunch yesterday. Though my grocery envelope was empty, I was able to pull from my pantry and freezer.

My husband is a meat-and-potatoes hearty eater, so I thought I'd prepare some tearoom style food while I could! Here in Nashville we love Miss Daisy, a local tearoom owner and cookbook author.

I made tomato soup with fresh dill, a crustless spinach cheese quiche, and lemon poppy muffins. I finally tried my whole wheat pastry flour and many of the spices from the Mennonite Market trip. I didn't want to make the lunch too formal, so we ate outside.

My little helper and I dragged a table under a giant tree, covered it with a bright Vera tablecloth, and a plopped pot of hot pink impatiens in the center.

It saved both of us the travel time to and from a restaurant, babysitting, and we didn't even have to figure out a tip. I'm going to start invited other moms over to lunch at home more often.


Laura Talbert said...

Sound lovely, and yummy!

Shannon said...

This sounds so great. I wish we lived closer:) Are you going to be in Middle Georgia any time soon? I think I'll start having some other moms over for lunch, too. Much nicer than Burger King!

Anonymous said...

Love all your inspiratiional ideas! Like you when we have family gatherings in the summer we set tables in the lawn under trees..including kids table sets complete with their own tiny table clothes. {just remember to rubberband the cloths corners to the table legs for safty}Also for the little ones set up tent areas under blanket covered clotheslines for a fun play area out of the sun.