Friday, May 27, 2005

Remodeling Burnout: Raising A Family In A Falling Down Home

"So what's new with the house?" my grandmother wonders aloud at lunch. Does the panicked look in my eye give away the fact I haven't picked up a paintbrush in at least a month?

"Oh, nothing much. I've been gardening a lot lately...took that trip to, changed some really tricky halogen lightbulbs without the help of my husband."

You see, the day-to-day details of life in a fixer-upper aren't all that interesting.

The week of scraping and painting seven identical doors? Not much to blog about.

We go in spurts. The last big push was at Easter, when guests were a-knocking at the (still sticky) front door. After that we collapsed for a while and let ourselves rest.

Our next cycle kicks in this week, now that my husband's home for the summer. And so it goes.

Weeks of doing little chores and a few Saturdays hunting cheap materials suddenly coalesce into a TV-speedy bathroom makeover. When you live in the middle of a work zone, sometimes you have to turn a blind eye to the naked baseboards just to get some sleep.

Expect a lot more home posts in the coming weeks as we re-style the front entry of the house, tackle a grimey half-bath, and repaint all the exterior doors British racing green.

I just couldn't live with the burnt red another day!

Reading All The Way Home gave me a fresh perspective on the never-ending job of remodeling, though. At least we can laugh about it!

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