Friday, March 25, 2005

How To Mix Old House Paints For Beige Trim

God blessed us with clear skies and warm breezes this week…which means I grabbed the wet laundry, donned my painting clothes, and headed outside to make the most of it.

(It didn’t hurt that we may have out-of-towners visiting in a month!)

I wanted to give our scarred interior doors a fresh coat of gloss white and to lighten our exterior trim. We emptied three varying shades of recycled beige paint (retail value: $75) into a clean kitchen trash can and mixed until we had the perfect shade of sandy beige.

Then I climbed the ladder and went to work while the birthday boy made tractor roads through a new bag of play sand.

You would think that beautiful weather and repetitive activity would have inspired me with something profound for this week’s blog, but alas, only two things stuck in my mind:
  1. Trim painting involves some muscles not used in an ordinary housekeeping routine.
  2. A bag of sand is more engaging to 3-yr-olds than all the Bob Builder gifts in Toys R Us.

I did come up with some thrifty strategies for future blogs and a proposal to teach budget remodeling for the community education class, but more on those later.

My clean, dried-in-the-sunshine sheets are calling my name!

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