Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Food For Thought

soaking a stained tablecloth, hoping that Biz + sunshine will whiten it for Elise's birthday

For those of you who've written, the Blogs I Love To Read page is no longer available. You can always check the interesting links I've marked at my Food For Thought page, or you might want to create your own blog roll if you haven't already.

Simple Mom explains how: What is a free RSS reader and how will it simplify my life?

If you have a minute, why not list 3 of your favorite blogs in the comments and tell us why you love to read them?


Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Oh, I like this idea!

Bella Bluegrass
Bella is a stunning cat with a photgraphically-talented owner. Beautiful photos with clever captions make this a really fun blog. It deserves to be discovered!

Keep Calm and Carry On
Intelligent, witty, thought-provoking, and the funniest yellow lab! (Can you tell I like animals? LOL)

There Is No Place Like Home
This one reignited my desire for papercrafting after I'd been in a crafting funk for a while. Pretty ideas with very clear tutorials. She also shows pictures of pretty things from around her house. A pleasant, peaceful place to visit.

Heather Solos said...

Three of my favorites, you mean aside from here? That changes on an hourly basis, but here are a few I frequent.

Frugal Upstate

(pure eye candy) I'm not even into sweets and I just can't stop looking.

Rocks In My Dryer

slip4 said...

Whatever blog:

Meg has a gorgeous home in Kansas, a cute family that is very normal, and her photography rocks! Good recipes too!

Emmy Lu blog:
Two sister, one in the city and one in the country. Very fun

This Young House blog:

A young couple in Richmond, VA do amazing DIY projects, share product ideas and create the best mood boards for people in need of some affordable design help!

Kelly said...

Like Merchant Ships, SouleMama, and ModObeject are the first three I check every day, but aside from here I would say that I've been checking Resolved to Worship so much lately.

An Adventurer in the World said...

The blogs closest to my heart belong to friends I've never met.

Mod Girl

Sandy at

Then I daily check Meg at Whatever

and Anna at

and Willow at

Hmmmm. I found them all (except for Meg and Willow) through your blog, Meredith.

Deb meyers

An Adventurer in the World said...
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An Adventurer in the World said...
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Mary Ellen said...

Aside from Like Merchant Ships, three blogs I frequent are:

Food Renegade
A wealth of information about real food and eating whole foods.

The Nourishing Gourmet
Also about Real Food/Nourishing Traditions, but with lots of delicious looking recipes to drool over.

Down to Earth
Discovered Rhonda Jean's blog from a link here and I've been hooked ever since! Lots of practical information about living simply. She also offers encouragement to everyone - those new to frugality/simple living, WOHMs, etc. Maybe that's why I like her blog so much :)

Betsy said...

Three favorites is very hard!

Happy to be called Mommy.
Bethany is a fabulous artist, and I like seeing what she comes up with.

The nester. Of course.

Southern Plate.
The stories that accompany her recipes are usually better than the recipes themselves (which aren't to shabby themselves). You can hear her accent through the written word, which is fun.

Joan said...

I read: A Little Loveliness because she delights in making a beautiful environment for her family and I love that she dresses her children in such darling - and usually matching - clothes.

Notes From a Cottage Industry because I identify with Tracey and am rooting for her success.

Pioneer Woman because she is just a joy! Intelligent, funny, caring and what a cook! If she recommends a recipe, it is always good.

Can't wait to see the birthday celebration for 3-year-old Elise! Where does the time go!!!

Anonymous said...

If the Biz doesn't work on your tablecloth, you might try this:

1/2 cup Clorox II
1/2 cup automatic dishwash detergent
2 gallons of very hot water

Soak the item in this solution for several hours. Then dump it all in the washing machine and wash. Or wash by hand and rinse thoroughly.

I've used this recipe on many many pieces of clothing and it takes out everything.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. . .

The Walden Effect--self-sufficiency and creative frugal techniques for living off the land.

Tammy's Recipes--cooking for real people with practical advice for saving money.

Resurrection Fern--wonderful reflections on nature and crafting.


celina from canada said...

you are my home page..

i just love her, pretty much everything about her...found her through you i believe.

rocks in my dryer..
soo funny and her posts on lost...

coffee tea books and me

another great read with TONS of super info on pantrys, recessions etc....a great frugal resource...reminds me of my mom which i miss...(not in age but in principles..)

Williams Arena said...

I'll try to keep it to 3...

Mennonite Girls Can Cook (yummy stuff)

SouleMama (a beautiful blog)

Chickens in the Road (I share her love of chickens and farm life)

Granny Miller
I just found this web site a couple of months ago but the writer has decided to call it quits. I felt like crying!

Kathy said...

I used to be an antique dealer specializing in linens, and I have removed many stains using a mixture of lemon juice and salt to make a paste, rub directly on stain and place in the sun. Spread out the linen on the grass or on a white sheet on grass if possible. (For white linens only).
Blogs I read:
Mom of three little boys, I identify!
Melissa is thoughtful and caring, and gives fabulous birthday parties!
Kathy has beautiful floral photography and loves old dishes!
I read others, too, but wanted to mention some that I haven't ceen in the comments.

Birdy said...

Just three, hmmm...
beautiful photos, home, family.
practical and encouraging.
funny. inspiring. real. addition to many already listed. ;)

Unknown said...

A Beach Cottage ( for her inventive way to use second hand finds and make them FABulous!

Southern Hospitality ( for her charm & gorgeous style.

Olive Rue ( for her super cool inventive ways to make old things super chic.

These along with you & The Nester (of course).

Birdy said...

I can list three more if I do it in a separate post, right? :D
young wife and mama who is already adept at the art of making a house a home.
mama of above young lady. see where Kate gets it from.
smart, frugal, funny.

Ladybug's Mom said...

In addition to your blog, the next three I check daily are

Patty's photography is amazing and her live of simplicity inspiring

Mrs. H's recipes are always a sure fire hit in our house

Even though Melissa leaves me with tiny feelings of inadequacy because I don't coordinate my kids clothes or put giant bows on my daughter, she can throw a wicked party and I'm fascinated with her!

Shannon Mills said...

oxyclean baby can get ANY stain out if soaked overnight... well maybe not any, but most!!

Shannon said...

Besides this blog:) my next three favorites are MommyLife (excellent mommy advice and current events) and preschoolers and peace for homeschooling help. I'm tied for a third and just can't choose between A Little Lovliness and Pleasant View Schoolhouse. They're both just too too lovely!

Michelle in HI said...

In addition to many of the ones already mentioned, I just love:

This Swedish woman's home looks like an Ikea design showroom and and I love her little organizing and decorating projects. It's just beautiful.

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

My top 3 favorites(Besides LMS!) are:


edj3 said...

Three of my favorites are:

This is Reverb
He's a pastor at a Vineyard in Cincinnati and his blog almost always makes me think.

Cheap Healthy Good
I love this blog a lot, esp the Tuesday MetaLink feature.

Get Rich Slowly
Great ideas for making wise choices with our money.

Anna said...

humblemusings has to make my list, too.


And you, dear Meredith. Your content always sits like a peaceful seed in my mind.

Red said...

Regarding your stained tablecloth... Slice up a lemon into a kettle large enough to hold the tablecloth and enough water to cover. Bring kettle to a boil with the lemon in it. Toss the tablecloth in and stir until soaked through. Let "cook" at a low boil (very low...cloth will scorch even when wet) for 30-60 minutes in the lemon water, then spread out in a sunny spot. It will bleach naturally and safely enough for old linen.

Workin' MAMA! said...

Meredith - I've just discovered this chick today at She has a wonderfully blissful blog - Not suprisingly, she has 28,000 profile views and such -
I have a think for the whites/blues/doilies with redone upholstered dining room chairs -
the toile gets my heart pumping too - Wish I had more time to make my home more -

Also discovered "little lovelies' today or something like that ... :)
With her two adorables emma and mary kate= the big bows in the hair with posies on the kitchen table --- ahhhhhhh...

Know that in my book, your blog is my numero uno!!!

I wink at 'down to earth' lots - thanx to your referral -

Also, in love with 'the blessed nest'- she has a knack for recovering old stuff and curbside trash that she makes into treasure...

I'm sitting in a meeting now - which is sad within itself - thank goodness for powerpoints - love it when the lights go

but it makes me happy to be here amongst the sisters and all the great fave blogs they're sharin'...

I told the woman at 'romantic home' that I got to her via you -
somehow -

i'm still cruisin' -
there are some great ones out here -
you're truly unique - only found 4 others i've actually saved in my 'fave' section ---
is this meeting over yet?

[i want to say] I have a roast in the oven, I'll be right back...

latrice -

Anonymous said...


Do you have an area where you could dry the table cloth outdoors in the sunshine?

I like to wear white shirts and am (gasp) a terribly sloppy eater. Seriously, every white shirt ends up with a food stain that is difficult to get out. But a trip or two to the outdoor line in full sunshine and it gets bleached out.

Blogs I enjoy:

HAVEN OF HOME by Roxanne It's a pretty blog, all about homemaking with a cool retro feel.

Blog Coach -- great tips for bloggers

Amy's Finer Things -- Family and home are truely the finer things in life!

Anonymous said...

Passionate Homemaking

Frugal Granola

Health Begins with Mom

All 3 blogs focus on healthy eating and living. I love going through the archives and have gotten so much great information!

Victoria said...

Hmmm...I have to list 3 that not everyone else has listed, right? ;)

I love Melissa at 320 Sycamore

Darby at Fly through my window

And Wendy at The Shabby Nest

There are soooo many more I enjoy...

Nicola said...

i am loving skimming through the links others have posted (and will click through when i have time)!

i can't narrow it down, and for that reason, i moved all my favorites into a reader and removed my blog roll from my own blog. it seemed exclusive instead of friendly at some point!

your blog is on my "daily" list! (i sorted my reader into chunks i could handle, with a few making it to my daily (everyday) reading!)


Meredith said...

Thank you so much for sharing all these great blogs! Some are old favorites to me, and I've also found some brand new blogs to check out (in my free time--ha ha ha!)

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Thank you, Meredith, for the work you do on your Food for Thought page...

It is much appreciated.

And you, more so...

All's grace,