Sunday, December 07, 2008

Indulging without overpaying

Buying secondhand lets me experiment without investment.

Did someone say we might have an icing tip issue? Not anymore!

I debated this $2 "grab bag" from the thrift store, but it held all this...and then some.

I waited for this gingerbread kit to drop in price (from $2.59 to $1.24). That's a good night's entertainment--not to mention, a potential gift idea.

In the meantime, the box decorates the top of the fridge.

Remember: You've paid for it once, enjoy it twice!


Christi said...

Where on earth can you find gingerbread house kits that inexpensive? I've been wanting to make one with the boys, but so far the cheapest I've found is $9.99!

Meredith said...

Oh, this one is from the thrift store.

It's not a kit, but a set of interlocking cookie cutters to make your own gingerbread house, men, and trees. Actually, the dough recipe makes 2 houses.

It was originally priced $19.99 at Williams-Sonoma.

$9.99 is the cheapest gingerbread house kit I've seen, too. My suggestion would be to use a 40% off coupon at Michael's or JoAnn.

Unknown said...

Those icing tips were a great find!

V. said...

I'm adopting that paid for it once - enjoy it it, love it, love it!!


Anonymous said...

Great buys, of course; but I want to say how much I love the look of your beautifully displayed clay cookers on the fridge amidst the greenery. Lovely!

Miss G said...

so fun! I saw icing tips at an estate sale recently but they weren't that discounted so i didn't get them. That is greatness! Kelly

Christi said...

Thanks, Meredith - I should have paid better attention to the box. I just got too excited when I thought I might be able to find one at that price!

Anonymous said...

You hit the mother lode with those decorating tips!! WOW! As you say, it's nice when you can experiment without too much investment.


Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Wowza! Great find on the decorating tips!

DealFinder said...

What fun finds! Have fun using them!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! I love finding stuff I've wanted to try used. I can have my fun without the guilt. :)

You always find the best stuff - makes me wish I lived in your area!


Anonymous said...

I, too, love to Goodwill hunt. I also bought a Romertopf clay baker like the one you have. I always wanted to try one of these and this gave me the opporunity for very ittle money. The other night I cooked a chicken and it turned out to be the best I have ever. Are you aware that the clay baker has to be soaked in water for ten minutes prior to using and has to be placed into a cold oven and heated gradually.