Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Yesterday the weight of everything left to do was dragging me down.

Polishing, slicing, and dicing has put me in a sunnier mood. How about you?


Anonymous said...

Me too. I have my turkey in the oven, my husband is making tamalies, and the boys are watching the Christmas specials on TV. Today is my birthday. I went shopping at my favorite Salvation Army store. I found a perfect condition, old, very old, wing back chair. It has just the perfect colors too. I am tickled. My friends might not understand how a chair from a thrift store can make me so happy, but oh well. I am tickled. Merry Christmas. Blessings to you and yours. Roxie

Kelly said...

Like a lot of families illness slowed us down and put my plan of action off track .
Not to worry , I just lowered "MY" expectations and changed tracks.
One purchased glazed ham , twice baked potatos, asparagus , rolls or whatever falls out of the pantry tomorrow , deviled eggs and the real shocker..........
store bought cookie dough for sugar cookies.

The house is not perfect (far from it ) the gifts are not either.
But , this evening we will light candles in a darkened church ,
sing Silent Night , Holy Night and all will be calm and very , very right .
Merry Christmas Meredith,
to you your family .

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Oh, I was a grumpy puss in the kitchen today while making the cherry delight, the sweet potatos, and the cranberry sauce. But, Hubby reminded me to lighten up and I did. I even made gingerbread pancakes shaped like snowmen for the kids. And I'm taking the lazy way out for dinner and just making some noddle soup from a packet.
Just add water- voila.
The gifts are almost all wrapped. the food is mostly in hand. And the house is fairly picked up.
We even had two sets of neighbors deliver Christmas goodies to us today. My blessing are abundant and it looks like yours are too.