Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Simple groceries

I know you'll love Large Family Mothering's post on grocery shopping in the simplicity of wisdom:

"When we have this perspective, as does most of the church in this day, we may find that, in having less money for food, we are more richly fed than ever before."


Kelly said...

Thanks so much for the heads up. I really enjoyed it. It was a timely reminder for me as I have been feeling convicted lately of improper grocery spending. Last year I read an old book/cookbook called the More with Less cookbook put out by the Mennonites. Similar thoughts.

I am Mom said...

That was a great article. Thank you. We are living on less over here and are finding so much richness is the simple things. I gave cookies in a basket instead of a ziplock bag the other day because of you and your sweet pictures. God bless your new arrival.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith. I was in an upscale consignment store yesterday and saw your lamp....the birds one that your husband does not like. $75.00!!! Thought you'd like to know. Be sure to tell hubby.

Anonymous said...

Great article - just what I needed to read before heading to WalMart. I recently went shopping for clothes to fit the body I am currently in (and not happy with), and before I started trying on clothes, I said a quiet prayer in the dressing room. Felt a little silly, as I know it is it an earth-shattering matter, but it was amazing how that minute of prayer comforted me and changed my attitude - and yes, opened my eyes to some great bargains. Will adopt this attitude again today on the quest for healthy and affordable food - thanks for the link.

Peace be with you, Meredith. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have just recently discovered oat groats. Bought them at a Mennonite store @ 85cents/pound. Two cups of oat groats, and nine ( yes, NINE) cups of water in a crockpot on "low" overnight - Delicious! Simple, filling and healthy. Add cut-up dried fruit or raisins for variety. They turn out creamy but with a bit of a nutty texture, not mushy. Wish I had discovered this years ago!
Mrs. L.

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

This is such a great article. I've been trying to wean my family off of convenience foods and do real home cooking with real ingredients.

most of the items listed in the article have been pantry staples for a few months now.

Planning and organizing my pantry has been great fun!