Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Decorating for the wedding

It was great to be of help: conditioning flowers, arranging a family lunch, and carrying decorations to the reception.

Let's just say I can vouch for the the whirlwind, sweat-all-you-can vacation diet!

We didn't know we'd be making a bridal bouquet until the wedding day.

Above: blooms from the common shrub exora, maidenhair fern, and old fashioned coral vine, all from the garden.

The ivory ribbon went missing, so she wrapped the stems with her grandmother's handkerchief.

My mother-in-law saved her chipped Waterford just for nosegays like these.

We bundled the cut blooms with rubber bands for easy transport.

Tropical colors can really stretch your decorating dollar.

And what's not to like about everyone helping make the day a little brighter?


Amiyrah said...

Those flowers are so beautiful and yes, tropical colors are a fabulous and furgal idea for a wedding. Wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Meredith - You look beautiful (so does Elise)! And it sounds like such a lovely wedding, made all the lovelier with your help. It's nice to have you back, too!

Christina said...

Such luscious colors. The flowers and the plates are beautiful. Looks like the wedding was very lovely and I'm sure with your eye and talent for frugal beauty it was even more wonderful. Glad your back. I'm the one who e-mailed you about spray painting my table a few months ago. It worked and hopefully soon I'll post a picture. Thanks!

More than Survival said...

I hope you enjoyed the time away... I know that weddings can be sister got married in April. What an exotic location!

Christi said...

The flowers are lovely. I'm sure it was just beautiful!

Edi said...

I love the flowers - what a beautiful bouquet it must have been!

Wish I could have tagged along to the wedding just to see everything. I love looking at wedding photos even if I don't have a clue as to who the people are.

I can no longer have dreams about my future wedding - but I have a daughter that will be married someday perhaps - and I can just imagine how much fun it will be helping her plan her wedding.

Jessie Weaver said...

It looks lovely!! And so do you. The dress is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Did you destroy your manicure making the floral arrangements?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person who said she loved looking at wedding pictures even if she has no idea who the people are. When I get my Town and Country magazine every month, I head straight for the wedding pictures. I hope you will share some actual wedding party pictures.

Meredith said...

I went with no manicure, knowing that the sand/beach would destroy the polish before the wedding.

I did put on a new coat of polish just before the ceremony.

As to wedding photos--I really didn't get any good shots of my own. I was trying to keep a wiggly Elise from toppling off the pier into the water and juggling the camera proved to be too hard!

Either way, I would feel uncomfortable sharing other people's photos on my personal blog.

DealFinder said...

what unique and beautiful bouquets! I love them!

Amy said...

Such pretty flowers- I just love them all. Did I mention that I missed you?

Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...


Those bouquets are amazingly beautiful. What a lovely, fresh, captivating way to begin a lifetime together, surrounded by such bursts of great color!

Anonymous said...

the flowers are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I must say that your mother-in-law may be the only person I have ever heard of who has a collection of chipped Waterford.