Friday, May 30, 2008

Yard sale spoils

Grace the sewing maven, whom I met through this blog, invited me to her moving sale. I let Andrew spend his allotment on toys, then picked up this McCauley book and a package of ivory note cards for the house.

"Funny!" Grace said. "When I was putting those out, I thought you might buy them."

For a quarter? You know me all too well.

(The silver tool is a nutmeg grater from Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House. At 25-cents, I bought it for myself. It would make a cute holiday gift with some whole nutmeg, though, wouldn't it?)


Anonymous said...

This is just a nosy question from a devoted reader - Do you homeschool Andrew or does he go to an "outside" school? Or is he not even old enough to go yet? Like I said, I'm just being nosy, and you do so many interesting and educational things with him, that I was just wondering.


Anonymous said...

We started our school year out last year with the book "City" that you just purchased. It was one of our very favorites!

Anonymous said...

I know you want to screen comments, but I do miss checking in often to see what has been posted rather than getting a whole bunch at once.

Looks like you got a few goodies at the yard sale. Has Andrew's allowance for garage sale shopping gone up this year? Does Elise get to shop, too?

How are you adjusting to the continuously rising prices? Have you had to up your food budget? Cut down on or cut out anything you bought a few months/weeks ago? It seems my priorities are shifting rapidly. What I once considered a need is now merely a want. I even shop more carefully at yard sales, which I would have thought ridiculous a year ago (after all, how much can you pay for something at a yard sale?)

How about updates on the one-car situation at your house. Is this temporary or are you still in the decision-making process? Will your husband be changing jobs or are you guys staying put? Any decision on wedding attire?

Or am I just being too nosey? I am curious, but don't want to open another can of worms.

TJ said...

The grater would be a great gift with nutmeg! My mom and dad brought me back a greater and nutmeg when they went to Jamaica, I love to use it. I think it would be very nice packaged in a nice mug with some cocoa mix.

Glad you found some great deals! I'm still getting comments on the shirts I picked up for free from the yardsale leftovers.

Shannon said...

Good buys! I'm having a yard sale in the morning. WIsh me luck!

Anonymous said...

You amaze me at the things you can find. Not so much that you FIND them, but that you know what they are. Like the Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House nutmeg grater. I would not have known what that was if it had jumped up and told me. I really like the basket. I have one very much like it that I keep my glass coasters in. I just love baskets. I have a pretty one on my bed side table with all my nail care supplies in it.
Thank you for the wonderful blog. As always the 'eye candy' is very filling. (so much better for my waist line than real candy) Roxie

Anonymous said...

The McCauley books are wonderful. My children loved them. When he wrote and illustrated the books, he was an illustration professor at Rhode Island School of Design, one of the best art schools in the country. I would think that Andrew would be as big fan. And what a great haul you made at the garage sale!

AmyG said...

sweet finds! a nut meg grinder and a nutmeg would make a totally awesome clever you are to snap up finds like that.

Anonymous said...

Good job! I love how you find beautiful and creative gifts at yard sales. I try to do that too. I had to share, yesterday I found a new looking patio table by the side of the road, along with a folding stepstool. I'd been looking for both of those things, and there they were. It was worth being five minutes late for work to pick them up and take them home. I love yard sales, but I love "trash picking" even more!

A Virginia Teacher

Meredith said...

I also don't like moderating comments.

I don't enjoy feeling tied to the computer, but when the discussion can sour so quickly in my absence, I feel like I have no other option.

Trust me, I resisted as long as I can.

Meredith said...

Anonymous, I'll try to cover some of those questions in upcoming posts.

My biggest shift has been staying away from any extra car trips. I can no longer justify much "bargain hunting" if the gas costs more than the bargains! So, thank goodness for the huge new thrift store which opened next to another weekly stop, Aldi, and across from a frequent outing, the zoo.

We are still in major limbo in the job situation, so nothing to report on that front. For now we are staying put.

We are functionally one-car. The Volvo has had more work done, but it failed to solve the problem. Fortunately, we are coming into a time of more flexibility with my husband's schedule, so having one-car won't be such a drag while we figure out what to do.

Honestly, there have been so many unknowns that the car is the last consideration right now!

Meredith said...

Rebekah, you're not the only one to have asked about Andrew's education. As he grows, he has entered a period of extreme sensitivity to anyone talking about him, laughing at him, etc.

For that reason I share only what we've discussed as okay, and his schooling has fallen into that private area.

You will still catch glimpses of our projects because they are such a big part of our daily homelife, but I don't feel the freedom to chronicle them here as much as I did when he was a preschooler.

I hope you understand!

Kimmie said...

How fun! Perhaps you could wear the nutmeg grater around your neck, after all, you never know when the sudden need for fresh nutmeg will occur. (Guess if you don't have fresh sources of nutmeg in your yard...) well, you might be forced to carry some nutmeg in your pocket for times of such need. ;-)

You did well and boy did you control your spending!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Anonymous said...

Dont you just love those great finds at yard sales! Nice to meet you, Susie H

Anonymous said...

I have always assumed that Andrew goes to a private school as you seem to place a high value on education. If indeed he does, I certainly understand your not wanting -or needing- to justify the cost of tuition to anyone. Generally speaking, I think most private schools offer better education and a safer environment and I would be willing to make adjustments in my spending in other areas to pay tuition (or maybe grandparents pop for it?). I think lots of frugal people would disagree so if he goes to private school, you are probably wise to keep it to yourself to avoid the avalanch of comments. However, if he goes to public school or is home schooled, I would see no reason not to share that. I have always been intrigued that you never mention participating in any school functions. So, expensive private school that you don't want to hear about from strangers is my opinion. And I say, good for you for giving him a good education (however he is schooled)!

Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with that period of not wanting laughed at, looked at, name mentioned, etc. It can be a treacherous passage and am thrilled that you are discussing and respecting Andrew's privacy-what a great way to teach internet boundaries from an early age.

We've been loaning our second car to a relative and it is definitely an eye-opener. I always thought going back to one car would be easy (we did it for a couple of years when DD was little with no problem) and have been stunned how much we had grown reliant on 2 cars.

DD said...

Oooh, David MacCauley's books are FAN-TASTIC...if your son doesn't pay much attention to it now, just hang on to it. He will care when he is in Jr. High, High School or College.

Meredith said...

This is exactly the kind of comment I had hoped to avoid. I am going to address it here because it is so far off base, and I think *not* answering would make you believe you are right.

My privacy is not motivated by finances, and neither do we receive financial help from grandparents.

There are simply parts of my life I do not wish to discuss here, and I think the general level of interest shows me we were right in not doing so.

Anonymous said...

Meredith you owe us nothing. You are very kind to share your talent for frugal living with us. As a child care provider, mother of 2, and grand mother of 4 I can tell you I have run into that time in a child's life when they are very sensitive to things. It is very normal. I am so pleased that you respect Andrew's needs and protect him. (I expected nothing less of you as I can see you are a wonderful mother) Some people would not respect a young child's needs like that and it can be very harmful. It teaches them the wrong lessons too. So please know that 99% of your readers understand. Thank you for what you do share. Your children are beautiful. I appreciate the chance to see their 'child hood' through your blog. It is so refreshing to see children grow up in a wonderful home with two loving parents. Roxie

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Tee-ball season to be over so I can start yard saling (or sailing?)!

One more Saturday to go.