Friday, April 11, 2008

Yard sale postponed

So much torrential rain, the yard is a swamp. Everything is tagged and packed in bins for the next sunny Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Oh, well, Scarlett, guess you will have to think about it "tomorrow". The good news is you have another week to come up with more stuff! Relax and enjoy tomorrow.

Michelle Smiles said...

Ah darn...I was working hard to remember where your yard was so I could come and check it out! But the weather was really ugly this morning...maybe this afternoon will dry things up some. The sun is out here now.

Anonymous said...

You can ship the blue toile chair and the corner desk to me... there, see, you don't need to have a yard sale.. just a bunch of friendly bloggers and greyhound delivers :-)

Have fun NEXT weekend at your yardsale!

God bless,

The Saunders Family said...

well, you must be nearby in my corner of the rained and rained yesterday and last night...(northwest Indiana) and our yard is soggy today...although my daughter wanted to go out and I took her to the playground, we're trying to get her to actually like swings, no luck yet. Good luck with the yeard sale...I need to have one too!

H said...

Goodness, it was beastly outside today!

Heather Anne said...

There must be a reason for God's timing of this weather and you need to postpone - it will all work out, I'm sure! Maybe you'll find a few more things to add to the sale, or find something you thought was destined for the sale is a must keep! Enjoy the unexpected 'free' day as a blessing from above!

Mimi said...

Let us know when the yard sale will be, and I'll drop by. :)

Tracey said...

Hi Meredith,

I have been on a break from reading blogs the last two weeks as we welcomed a new baby March 28.

I am glad to be back catching up with my favorite bloggers and so happy to hear you are expecting a new little one! Congratulations, you are blessed!


Anonymous said...

It's been along time since I've read blogs - trying to keep up with mine and a newborn has really kept me busy. I found yours a long time ago from and not have it linked so I can visit all the time!
Would love to know about the yardsale - live in the same city
lelagirl0202 - yahoo.

Would also like to meet other bloggers!